King City street map

Street map for King City (California) with 149 streets in list. King City ZIP codes: 93930. *More information about zip codes you can find on site.

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7th St
Airline Hwy
Airport Rd
Amherst Dr
Andrus St
Appaloosa Way
Arboleda Ln
Argyle Rd
Bassett St
Bedford Ave
Bedford Cir
Beech St
Beverly Ct
Bikle Dr
Bishop St
Bitterwater Rd
Bluff Ave
Brighton Ave
Broadway Cir
Broadway St
Burns Rd
Calcagno St
Cambridge Ave
Campbell Ave
Canal St
Canyon Creek Rd
Carlson St
Chestnut St
Collins St
Copley St
Creekside Cir
Crown Ave
Division St
Don Bates Way
E Pearl St
E San Antonio Dr
Earl Bernice Ct
Ellis St
Elsa Cir
Enfield Rd
Fairview Dr
Forden Dr
Franciscan Way
Freeman Flat Rd
Grace Cir
Grove Pl
Hall Cir
Haven Dr
Heirloom Pl
Heritage Ct
Industrial Way
Jayne St
Jolon Rd
Keats Ave
King St
Kings Pl
Lambourne Ct
Leeds Ave
Legacy Dr
Lewis St
Lingfield Ct
Little Creek Ct
Livingston Ave
Lon Sing Ave
Lonoak Rd
Los Ositos Rd
Luckett St
Lynn St
Maple St
Meadowbrook Dr
Merritt St
Mesa Verde Rd
Metz Rd
Meyer St
Monte Vista Pl
Mustang Ct
N 1st St
N 2nd St
N 3rd St
N Mildred Ave
N Russ St
N San Lorenzo St
N Vanderhurst Ave
Nantucket Way
Oak Cir
Oak Hills Rd
Oasis Rd
Oates Ave
Orainson St
Orchard St
Oxford Ave
Palomino Ct
Palomino Rd
Park Pl
Patterson St
Peachtree Rd
Pearl St
Pine Canyon Rd
Pine Cir
Pine Creek Pl
Pine Meadow Ct
Pine Meadow Dr
Pine Meadow Pl
Queen St
Reich St
Rio Vista Ct
Rio Vista Dr
River Dr
Royal Dr
S 1st St
S 2nd St
S 3rd St
S Mildred Ave
S Russ St
S San Lorenzo Ave
S Vanderhurst Ave
San Antonio Dr
San Lucas Rd
Sandown Ct
Sandown St
Sandringham St
Sherwood Ave
Soberanes St
Spreckels Rd
Spruce Dr
Sun Valley Dr
Sussex Cir
Sussex Ct
Sussex Way
Sycamore St
Talbot St
Ulrey St
Van Etten Ave
Van Nort St
Via Canada
Villa Dr
Vista Pl
Vivian St
Walker Ave
Walnut Pl
Wellington Ave
Wentworth Ct
Wentworth St
White Oak Ct
White Oak Dr
Willow Ct
Willow St
Windsor Ct
Windsor St

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